Proposed Services

Safe Kit will assist key personnel, with maintaining site health and safety to ensure compliance with all governing legislation and codes. Safe Kit will review and approve the Contractor’s Health and Safety Plan, and will monitor health and safety operation on site. Safe Kit will at all times exercise its authority to cease work if it deems there is a contravention or a threat to any part of the health and safety regulations. Prior to the beginning of a project we will ensure that all required safety systems are in place. This includes systems to prevent occupational injuries and illness during site activities. An overall site-specific hazard assessment and site-specific safety plan will be developed in collaboration with SafeKit's safety manager that incorporates legislative requirements, site access, training, traffic coordination, and the Client’s Health & Safety policies. The Management Plan shall address:

  • Methods of communication and chain of command
  • Structure and functions of the health and safety committees
  • Establish and implement a safety orientation and training procedure for all contractors/employees
  • Implement a safety orientation plan for visitors to the site
  • Establish and maintain a health and safety web site. Ongoing monitoring to ensure compliance with site safety strategy
  • Review and assess safety information submitted by contractors
  • Evaluate and submit health and safety reports to Client
  • Recommendations for improvement of health and safety procedures where require
  • Provide and maintain a health and safety information board

In order to ensure full compliance, Safe Kit will tour the site daily and make recommendations where required. We will hold weekly official inspections of the site with the Contractor.

  • Identify conditions that require corrective action and follow up
  • Follow up on previous deficiencies
  • Keep a record of all problem area and recommendation
  • Post a copy of the weekly inspection
  • Provide a copy to the Contractor