Euricka Alugas’ dedication to service has always been the driving force behind her vision. Her humble beginnings in New Orleans and her urge to assist others motivated her to use her gifts in innovative ways as a local businesswoman. Safe Kit, a safety staffing and training company, Alugas’ sole creation, has filled a void by supporting the city’s rapidly growing infrastructure. While it is atypical for an industrial and construction safety company to be 100% woman-owned and operated, Alugas is determined to forge a new path in this male-dominated industry. In her collaborative efforts to continue cultivating and enhancing the lives of people in her local New Orleans community, Alugas continues her objectives of disseminating information to empower the lives of others. Her business, Safe Kit, is a mainstream company devised to maintain and enhance safety conditions at the workplace.

Through her extensive travels around the country, Alugas often delivers a personal message that resonates with others seeking to bridge the economic and social gaps within their communities. Based on feedback from people living in her native New Orleans and beyond, through her Vision 2 Victory banner – formerly a non-profit organization and now an LLC, Alugas conceptualized, then invented the emergency Safe Kit “to enlighten, educate, prepare, and equip residents with the essential techniques needed to survive natural disaster occurrences.” Her strengths as a catalyst for change include a joint effort involving collaboration with Emergency Disaster Recovery programs that prepare and protect citizens against natural disasters and hazardous artificial crises. Since launching Safe Kit and leading as its Chief Executive Officer, Alugas has assisted multiple business owners in updating and refining the safety rules, regulations, and permits needed within their industries. Safe Kit’s offerings encompass several areas of safety precaution and work processes, including but not limited to OSHA general industry 10-30 Outreach Construction Training, Standards Fall Protection and Prevention, General and Specialty Safety Staffing, and contractor safety program revisions. Alugas’s intuition, networking skills, and ability to connect with people of all backgrounds have compelled her to help make workplaces safer and more efficient. She was recently featured in 2023 Biz New Orleans Magazine’s 500 Influential, Involved, and Inspiring Business Leaders.

Alugas’ past and present certifications include the following: Certified Osha Instructor, LabMar RTA Ferry Safety Consultant, Pandemic Safety equipment supplier for CenterPoint Energy of Houston, TX, Energy Smart and Entergy Solutions pandemic return-to-work Covid Training, Licensed Arborist, and State of Louisiana Facility Security Consultant. Alugas’ past and present projects include the New Orleans Morial Convention Center, Entergy Solutions, Energy Smart, Center Point Energy, Landis Construction, and the City of New Orleans, among others.

Alugas’ mission to empower locals through innovative programs and dissemination of the latest information regarding disaster relief preparation has helped thousands of citizens prepare for life-threatening situations. As an engaging motivator, Alugas has taken her skills back to the communities she grew up in by working as a Certified Professional Safety Specialist and OSHA Outreach Trainer. In these roles, she works with staff and trains contractors alongside their employees regarding the safety precautions and rules that have been proven effective at maintaining secure and life-saving workplaces. Safe Kit is now working with major companies and corporations to combat various emergencies. Safe Kit’s highly licensed and certified safety professionals impact millions, helping them return to work and school. As front-line professionals, Safe Kit’s employees work tirelessly to execute innovative ways to reach other frontline workers, employers, and municipalities to bring them quality safety products and training. Alugas cares deeply about the safety of her clients.

As a steward of her community, Alugas promotes community outreach through Safe Kit by providing job opportunities to members of the homeless community. Alugas resides on the New Orleans Riverfront. She holds a BA in Visual Arts from Dillard University. Through the mantra of Safe Kit, she believes in helping workers and contractors improve safety conditions on the job and in emergencies. Her maxim has always been and remains “Safety first.”