Introducing the Zip It & Pro-Tec face mask an innovative way to remain safe while wearing a mask when you’re in public places. The Zip It & Pro-Tec is for travelers, employees, children and restaurant patrons, having to take your mask off to simply take a sip of your drink or a bite of food can be an inconvenience. Safe Kit in collaboration with Zip It & Pro-Tec can help! The all new Zip It & Pro-Tec face mask has a built-in zipper at its center, which adds convenience and safety by letting you easily zip it or unzip it to eat or drink without removing your mask. These masks are perfect for industries such as airlines, construction sites, schools, factories and much more.

Wearing the Zip It & Pro-Tec face masks are helpful when trying to minimize contact with the coronavirus.

Mask Specifications

  • Type: Adult Reusable, New Fashion, Washable, Zipper Dust Masks
  • Mask Material: Cotton
  • Design: Customized Logo
  • Function: Dust Prevention
  • Gender: Adult/Child/Kid
  • Quality: High-quality
  • Feature: Reusable
  • Occasion: All

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